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Booking your tickets with a travel agent is better than booking online. When it comes to buying tickets, where do you go? The Internet is full of self-service travel sites. You put in your itinerary and off you go! You bought yourself a ticket. Unfortunately, most of the time these tickets are nonrefundable and nonchangable. In order to protect yourself, you are enticed to buy one of their travel protection insurance plans. However, that is like throwing money away. A travel agent will not only help you arrange your itinerary and save money but would also be available to give you advice and pull strings if you are in a bind. Plus,travel agents know the seasons and the best time to travel.  While internet booking agents can get you the lowest price at that particular moment, it can not tell you if the price is appropriate for the season or when the price is most likely to drop. 

Most people would like some advice and suggestions.  Often times people think they are sacrificing service but saving time and money when choosing the internet over a real live travel agent.  Both of these are myths.  First, when you have a good relationship with a travel agent, you will save valuable time because they are doing the searching.   People don't realize that searching for tickets on the internet is time better spent elsewhere.  In fact, it leads to indecision and hesitation because you don't know if you are making the right choice.  Secondly, travel agents offend get special "net" fares which are not available on the internet.    Although no travel agent can process a ticket like an online machine, most travel agents can beat Internet prices in addition to providing good service. Agents have access to net fares (airline provided fares to travel agent only) that are often lower than the prices you get on the internet (published fares). With the advent of the Internet most people thought there would be no need for travel agents. Now, people are realizing that the travel agency is a much better option than the Internet.
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