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Medina: Avoid over planning to avoid disaster.
Want some tips before you travel? Read these blogs and plan your trip wisely.

Most people prefer to make all of their arrangements before they leave on their trip. They buy a tour package that includes accommodations (room and board) and transportation to and from the airport. This maybe helpful to first time travelers. However, if you are a seasoned traveler, I would recommend making only minimal arrangements, such as booking a hotel for the first few nights. Hera are some useful tips to avoid disasters.

  1. Catch a cab at the airport. Its much easier to catch a cab at the airport rather than reserve a ride ahead of time. When you make a reservation, everything has to go right and that rarely happens. Your flight may get delayed, your luggage may not arrive and your driver may be late. There are always plenty of cabs on hand, so don't worry about being left at the airport. Lastly, don't be afraid to shop for the best fare or negotiate a fair price with your cab driver.
  2. Only book your hotel for a few nights.. This will give you the opportunity to change hotels if you are not satisfied with the accomodations or service. With that said, I would like to emphasize it is really important to book the first two nights (at least) because you don't want to be searching for a hotel right after a grueling flight.

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Want some tips before you travel? Read these blogs and plan your trip wisely. In addition to offering insight into cities around the world, a intricate aspect of traveling is discussed in each blog to help you make your trips more enjoyable. Each blog is varied in style and content.

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