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Traveling light = enjoying trip
Want some tips before you travel? Read these blogs and plan your trip wisely.

I have been to New York several times. The public transportation is great. It all starts at the airport. There is an air tram (metro, people mover, etc) connecting the terminals. One line is exclusively for the airport and the other line is a connection to the public mass transit. Public transportation can be a convenient and cost effective way to get around town -- as long as you travel light. Mobility is your biggest asset in a big city. You don’t want to be lugging multiple bags on the public transit because its unsafe, impractical and unpleasant to you and fellow riders. If you have lots of luggage you can forget about public transportation and be ready to pay hefty for cabs and shuttles.

Here I would like to emphasize that minimizing your luggage is one of the best ways to ensure a pleasant trip. I say this for a couple of reasons. First, let me define what is reasonable. If you are going on a one to two week vacation, you should be able to fit what you need into a carry-on. That is what I call reasonable. If you travel with a carry-on, you will avoid one of the worst nuisances on a vacation, airlines losing luggage. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. You have just arrived at your destination, replete with jet lag and in much need of a bed, only to find your self waiting in front of the baggage carousel, desperately hoping your bags are on it. As you notice the crowd thinning you begin to stress about the unimaginable, "Did my bags ever make it?" Once you are convinced they are not on the carousal, you end up waiting again as the airline attendant scrambles to locate your bags. Most of the time, the attendants will give you the proverbial, "we will contact you when we find them." By being a light traveler, you can move from place to place easily and you can buy lots of new and interesting things.

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Want some tips before you travel? Read these blogs and plan your trip wisely. In addition to offering insight into cities around the world, an intricate aspect of traveling is discussed in each blog to help you make your trips more enjoyable. Each blog is varied in style and content.

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